Affiliating with the NZWRF

How to affiliate with the NZWRF - for clubs, organisations and breed associations

New contributing bodies/clubs requiring membership with the Federation will be eligible under the following requirements:

1. New clubs – minimum of ten members
2. Specific Activity Associations – minimum fifty members
3. New Breed societies – minimum one hundred

With reference to 2 and 3, provided that they are New Zealand wide incorporated societies with at least twenty-five percent (25%) of their members in either Island, these new Bodies will be eligible for representation direct to each Island Delegate Meeting and thence to National Executive Conference.

All applicant Bodies seeking Federation must apply for recognition at the Annual National executive conference forwarding certified membership numbers and a copy of their constitution or aims.

All members shall
a. Send to the Federation at the end of each year Auditor’s verification of its membership numbers
b. Conform to the objects of the Federation
c. Conform wherever possible to the show and performance rules of the Federation
d. Encourage membership to the Federation

The annual subscription payable by members of the Federation shall be such sum as the Federation in Annual National Executive Conference may from time to time determine. The National Executive may also impose an entrance fee to be payable by a member upon their election to membership provided however that the Federation shall not prescribe be an entrance fee which exceeds one hundred dollars ($100.00)

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