Find your nearest riding club and join – you’ll have a blast!

Welcome to the New Zealand Western Riding Federation

The NZWF is the over arching governing body for the sport of western riding through affiliated clubs and National Associations throughout New Zealand. The Federation is a non-profit organisation that was accepted as a National Incorporated Society in 1985. 

How you can get involved in the exciting world of Western Riding: 

  1. Find a local club – we are a friendly bunch of horse enthusiasts who always welcome new members. If you are wanting to learn more or find out what the port involves contacting your local club is a great way to start. Club days are held regularly and provide opportunities for learning and practice. Why not check one out – click here to find a local club
  2. Come to a show – we run shows all over the country and often offer beginner-level classes. Come along and spectate or give a few classes a go. Find upcoming shows here